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There is no such thing as being a plain housewife/ mother

There is no such thing as being a plain housewife/ mother.


There is no such thing as being a plain housewife/ mother


There’s no such thing as a “plain” on being a housewife. Being  a housewife is the most important role in every household. She  is the only one  capable of doing several things  at the same time like  washing soiled clothes while cooking and ironing. She never gets tired of doing the same routine everyday. She is the first person to wake up every morning just to fix her family’s clothes and prepare meals for the day. She might not be like the others cause she can’t even find time to go to salon or have her hair done.  You might be complaining of your mother not working like the other mothers out there, but face the fact that without her you can’t even go to school wearing clean and ironed clothes. You might be comparing her to your office mates’ wife for not trying to look good because she is always busy running the household but then again who takes care of your favorite suit and always tie your necktie. You don’t like to hold her rough hands because she never got the chance of getting a hand spa after doing the laundry whole day.   There is nothing plain in what she do because for her she does it wholeheartedly and because she loves you. Every mother/wife is a unique individual find time to praise her even for the simplest things she does everyday.